TSI Congress 2022 Berlin onsite & globally online for the third time Many thanks to all who made the third hybrid TSI Congress such a success with 500+ participants onsite.
TSI Congress 2023 New location – Same Date! Look forward to a new event location with us this year: The TSI Congress 2023 in Berlin will take place at Hotel Steigenberger am Kanzleramt. Save the Date: 28. & 29. September! Further Info

Supporting programme

21 September 2022

KfW Reception

KfW continues the tradition of inviting delegates to a reception at its Berlin branch on the evening preceding the Congress. The exclusive setting gives you the opportunity to hold informal initial discussions with other Congress participants.
(A separate invitation will be sent by KfW.)

Admission from 7.00 p.m., Start: 7.30 p.m.

22 September 2022

Virtual Meeting Lounge

The workshops and panels are on the first day of the congress are over and you would now like to network? In our "Virtual Meeting Lounge" on Spatial Chat you can exchange ideas with other virtual participants in the same way as the participants on site, have informal one-on-one conversations or simply "stand there" with a group. With moving camera images and spontaneously as in real life! Add to this a few nibbles from our "TSI Congress in a box" and off you go to Virtual Networking 4.0!

Networking Reception

The workshops and panels on the first day of the congress will be followed by our popular Networking Reception. in the extended area of the conference foyer and hotel lobby, to which TSI cordially invites you. With a glass of wine or beer you can deepen the discussions of the day or make further contacts.

(All welcome! No prior registration required.)

Exclusive ride in the Aquadom and Wine & Cheese Tasting in Foyer Alexanderplatz

Recovering from the impressions and information of the first day of the congress with good wine and cheese and high-level discussions? Sounds good? 
Then you have the opportunity from 19.30 till 20.30 to enjoy the beauty of the Aquadom from inside on a trip to the DomLounge. Experience the wonder of travelling through 1 million litres of water with glimpses of a beautiful underwater world and join from there a special "Wine & Cheese Tasting" with sommelier in the Foyer Alexanderplatz between 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. All welcome! No prior registration required.

Wine evening: Die Rolle Chinas im geopolitischen und ökonomischen Kontext und die Auswirkungen für die deutsche Politik und Wirtschaft

Lange galt die chinesische Volkswirtschaft als Zugpferd der Weltwirtschaft. Politiker und Wirtschaftsführer reisten in das Reich der Mitte, um Verträge in Milliardenhöhe zu unterzeichnen; man umgarnte die Funktionäre der chinesischen KP wie kaum eine andere politische Elite. Doch das einstige Zugpferd scheint aus dem Tritt zu geraten. Das ökonomisch schwache erste Halbjahr – die von vielen Experten prophezeite Erholung Chinas nach Covid ist nicht eingetreten – dürfte sich laut einer Analyse der US-Bank Morgan Stanley auch im zweiten Halbjahr fortsetzen. Man rechnet mit einer „unterdurchschnittlichen Erholung für das zweite Halbjahr in 2022”.

Daraus ergeben sich für Deutschland, für den China einer der wichtigsten Handelspartner ist, im wirtschaftlichen und geopolitischen Kontext viele Fragen. Und der Verflechtung der deutschen und chinesischen Wirtschaft kommt dabei eine ganz besondere Bedeutung zu:

  • Wie wirkt sich die Null-Covid Politik Chinas aus Deutschland aus?
  • De-Globalisierung / De-Stabilisierung der Lieferketten – wie reagiert die chinesische Politik und wie reagiert die Wirtschaft? Was bedeutet dies für uns?
  • Ukraine-Konflikt – Wie positioniert sich die chinesische Regierung und wie geht die deutsche Politik damit um?

Im Kamingespräch werden Rudolf Scharping, Gründer & Vorstand bei RSBK AG, ehemaliger Ministerpräsident von Rheinland-Pfalz, ehemaliger SPD-Partei- und Fraktionsvorsitzender sowie ehemaliger Bundesminister der Verteidigung, und Dr. Michael Weller diesen zentralen Fragen nachgehen. Seit über dreißig Jahren engagiert sich Rudolf Scharping für die Zusammenarbeit mit China. Er gründete 2003 die „Rudolf Scharping Strategie Beratung Kommunikation AG“ und berät Unternehmen und Institutionen bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Strategien im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld, darunter mit Schwerpunkt China.

Für exzellente Weine und ausgewählten Käse ist wie immer gesorgt.

By invitation only.

Chill-out and Get-together

In keeping with tradition, we will round off the first day of the congress with our cosy "chill-out and get-together" from 9.30 p.m., again this year in a further reduced form and in compliance with the applicable Corona rules. With the hotel's glass DomLounge overlooking the fascinating Berlin skyline, the setting is ideal for further networking, professional exchange or simply to enjoy the evening with a glass of wine or beer with customers and colleagues.

No separate registration necessary.

23 September 2022

Spree River cruise

The Spree – for many Berliners, a haven of peace and at the same time a 40-kilometer-long river with history in the middle of the capital.

With multiple changes made to the course of the river over the last 300 years, today's Spree flows along the Museum Island through the Nikolai Quarter to the Chancellery and empties into the Havel in Spandau.

Relax after two days of congress on this historic cruise and enjoy the many sights along the route.

The planned route will be as follows:
Friedrichstrasse – Museum Island – Berlin Cathedral – Nikolai Quarter – Reichstag – Government Quarter – Berlin Central Station – Chancellery – House of World Cultures – Tiergarten.

Start: Meeting point at the hotel at 2:45 p.m., 20 min walk to the pier.

Registration required, 25 participants maximum.

Cruise duration: 90 min

Humboldt Forum 'Berlin Global'

The Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace is a cultural forum and universal museum on the Spree Island in the historic centre of Berlin. The building brings together several museum collections from around the world in memory of the intellectual legacy of Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: much of what happens in Berlin has an impact on the world. And much of what happens in the world affects Berlin as well. BERLIN GLOBAL shows how the city and the people are connected to the world. On the second floor of the Humboldt Forum, the exhibition portrays Berlin as part of a diversely interconnected world. It tells how the city, its people and events originating here have changed the world, and at the same time how global events affect Berlin - then and now.

Start: Meeting point at the hotel at 15:15 pm

Registration required, two groups of 12 participants each (German and English separately)

Tour duration: 60 min

Sculpture and painting of the 13th-18th centuries

The Bode Museum in the Berlin Mitte district is part of the Museum Island ensemble of buildings and thus a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built between 1898 and 1904 by Ernst von Ihne in neo-baroque style, it was initially called the Kaiser-Friedrich Museum. It is the home of the Sculpture Collection and the Museum of Byzantine Art, as well as the Coin Cabinet.

The museum was established on the basis of the sculpture and painting collections assembled by Bode, whose initial holdings date back to the art chambers of the Electors of Brandenburg.
The sculpture collection has works of art from the early Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century from German-speaking countries, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Start: Meeting point at the hotel at 15:20 pm

Registration required, two groups of 12 participants each (German and English separately)

Tour duration: 60 min